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  • Bones of an Inland Sea

    Leslie is a marine biologist, an only child, and a mother of three who gets caught in a deadly tsunami. Jack is a Viet Nam veteran with PTSD on a mission to save fish from dying in captivity. Dani is a trans man struggling to find his way in a gender prescriptive world. Mary Akers […]

  • Women Up On Blocks

    Women Up On Blocks

    Whether it’s a young co-ed who has lived her life succumbing to passion and authority, a woman struggling with the intense demands of motherhood, or a newlywed whose new mirror-filled home proves too much for her fragile psyche, these thirteen stories–edgy and alluring–inexorably peel back the layers of the women they portray. By turns lyrical […]

  • One Life to Give

    One Life to Give

    In the winter of 1939, five-year-old Andrew Bienkowski was banished to Siberia with his family. With virtually nothing to see them through their first winter, his grandfather chose to starve in order to give his family the chance to survive. The years that followed were harrowing and difficult, but Andrew’s childhood in Siberia established his […]

  • The Greatest Gift

    The Greatest Gift

    Andrew Bienkowski was five years old when his family was banished to Siberia from their Polish homeland. With virtually nothing to see them through the long, cold winter, his grandfather chose to starve to death in order to give his family a chance at survival. The years that followed were harrowing and difficult, but also […]

  • Radical Gratitude

    Radical Gratitude

    An illuminating melding of narrative and inspiring practical guidance, this is both the extraordinary true story of a family’s survival in Stalinist Siberia and a guide to becoming a person who can give to others. [button link=”” type=”big” color=”red” newwindow=”yes”] Purchase at Allen & Unwin’s Inspired Living Imprint[/button]

  • One Life to Give

    Have you ever wondered if you could give your life for someone else? Or what it would feel like if someone else gave their life for you? Andrew Bienkowski’s grandfather starved to death on purpose so that his grandchildren could have enough food to survive (when Stalin banished the family to Siberia in 1939). Andrew […]

  • Anatomy of a Ten-Day Writer’s Residency

    Day One: After a two-and-a-half hour drive from my Mom’s house in Floyd, Virginia, I’m here! Oh. My. Gosh. It’s gorgeous and wonderful and I’m so thrilled to be here. I drove in, walked to the place where they said my packet would be waiting for me, saw my name on the envelope, and promptly […]

  • Interview at the Press 53 blog

    I’m interviewed at the Press 53 blog for the new year. Thank you Christine Norris!   P53: What is your favorite color, and what does that color mean to you? MA: Green is my favorite color. It always has been, even as a little girl when pink or purple were most often the favorites […]

  • The Next Big Thing

    Big thanks to the fabulous Ellen Meister for tagging me in this latest writer’s meme. I am so looking forward to reading her forthcoming novel Farewell, Dorothy Parker which has been described as “wickedly funny and surprisingly poignant.”   And now, on with the questions for me: What is the working title of your book? […]

  • We Represent the 47%

    Today I have a letter to Mitt Romney up at We Represent the 47 Percent. In general, I don’t push my politics on people. I feel that who I vote for is a fairly private matter between me and the election booth. But the recent video of Mitt Romney speaking to donors just about did […]