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  • My Interview with Anthony Doerr

    Okay, so I was a little bit intimidated, interviewing one of my very favorite authors, but Tony Doerr turned out to be gracious and generous and wise. Here’s a link to his outstanding interview at the r.kv.r.y. blog: Clicky Mary Akers: Thanks for agreeing to talk with me today. I loved your short story “Oranges”…

  • My Interview at The Review Review

    Thank you, Jessica Ullian, for the great interview!  

  • Merci, Fabrice Midal!

    French version: Le Grand-pere et Le Veau

  • Dear Teen Me

      My “Dear Teen Me” letter goes live today. Thanks to the moderators for this wonderful, important site. Dear Teen Me, Hello! How are you? Wait, I know how you are. You’re struggling with high school in a small, one-stoplight town. You get told you’re “too good” or “stuck up” when all you are is…