Reading in Floyd

Well, my reading at Floyd was fantastic. The library helped to publicize the event, provided refreshments, and had already set up the room when we got there a half-hour early. Very organized, they were. We had about 30 people attend (my mom did a lot of advance promotion, god bless her), which wasn’t bad considering it was Floyd Fest weekend. I read my two shortest stories, then answered questions, then signed books. I got to hang with some great peeps from my high school years (see photo), and so many wonderful surprise guests, too. Two of my HS English teachers came (Clara Martin and Joyce Hall)! Clara brought copies of the school magazine from 1982 and 1983 that had work of mine in it! What a gift–she had to dig around in her basement in boxes to find those and bring them to me. I was thrilled and very touched. So many people I hadn’t seen in years showed up–really just to support me. It was truly a wonderful afternoon. A big thank you to all who attended.



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2 responses to “Reading in Floyd”

  1. Kevin Watson Avatar

    Really wish I could have made it to the event. I think I would like Floyd, since I’m so fond of one of its daughters. See you in November!

  2. Mary Akers Avatar

    Really looking forward to it!! (And thinking I may drive down after all…)