Ten Things You May Not Know About Me

I’ve been resisting this meme for several reasons, mostly because I can’t think of ten interesting things about myself that I want to share. But thanks to my friend Cliff, who tagged me, I’ll try:

1. I am always hungry. I love food. It’s one of my great pleasures. I will eat virtually anything… so long as it isn’t flavored with licorice. I hate licorice. Can’t bear it, even the smell of it. Fried baby eels? Yum. Brussel sprouts? You bet! Alligator? Sure! Licorice? Gag-a-maggot.

2. I am a funny person when you talk to me. I love to laugh and joke and I do–lots. But I write dark stuff, depressing stuff, occasionally twisted stuff. So don’t use my writing to judge whether or not you want to hang out.

3. I love my children more than I can ever convey. Having said that, I am NOT afraid to be the parent and play the bad cop. Hate to be the bad guy…have to be the bad guy. It’s my job. I really hope they understand this and we can be pals someday.

4. I plan to spoil my grandchildren so much it isn’t even funny. I want to be called “Nana” and wear an apron and cook myself silly and read books until I’m blue in the face. Then I want to send them home and get on with my life of (whoo-hoo!) freedom.

5. I believe I will be a published author. I can see myself giving readings, answering questions. I can almost touch it. I will not be denied. (That doesn’t mean I picture throngs of people hanging on my every word…maybe scads, but not throngs.)

6. I believe I have a purpose to fulfill in this life. Still trying to figure out what it is, but I really feel like there’s something important I am meant to do before I die.

7. I believe that my grandmother and my father (both deceased) are still looking out for me in their own ways.

8. Animals in my house are very well treated. Adored, even. Held to normal standards of etiquette (get off that table!) but adored, nonetheless. I believe animals are capable of so much more than we give them credit for. They have talents and abilities that we will never understand.

9. I am a manly girl. I love to fix things, cook outdoors, get dirty, be tough. I am also a terrible softy. I cry at the drop of a hat over silly things like Hallmark commercials and touchy-feely notes from my kids and It’s a Wonderful Life.

10. I don’t know myself as well as I thought I did…or maybe I know myself better than I thought, because here I’ve come up with ten things in no time.






3 responses to “Ten Things You May Not Know About Me”

  1. katrina Avatar

    I love your answers, Mary. I know I would like you in person. Hopefully someday we’ll meet.

  2. Clifford Garstang Avatar

    Great, list Mary! Nothing shocking (except maybe the food thing) for those of us who know you, but still a a lovely portrait of a wonderfule person.

  3. Stephanie Avatar

    Cool list, Mary. I try to treat my non-human animal well too. 🙂

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