Help Support Free Speech

Stamp Out the Rate Hike: Stop the Post Office






4 responses to “Help Support Free Speech”

  1. ORION Avatar

    I stumbled upon your blog and I am glad I did. I have longed to go to bread loaf. I do attend Maui writers retreat as it is close to me (I live in Hawaii). Maybe next year! Dorian Karchmar happens to be my agent and my debut novel will be released Aug 2.
    I saw how you met Dorian at Breadloaf. I will drop by and continue reading your blog- It’s too fun.

  2. Mary Akers Avatar

    Hi, Patricia.

    Nice to meet you! I lived in Hawaii, too, for three years. My youngest son was born at Tripler (My husband was an army diver) and my brother still lives in Kaneohe.

    Dorian was wonderful to talk to and I admire her a great deal. If she’s behind you, I’m sure your work is excellent. She agreed to read my novel and SSC, which I’m still finishing…

    Send me an ARC if you like, and I’ll review your debut for my blog. 🙂

  3. ORION Avatar

    Lets talk!
    Can you email me at

  4. Mary Akers Avatar

    Done! But as it’s six hours earlier for you, I’ll be patient…:)

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