Day(s) 63, 30, 27.

I did a lot of rearranging today. So many megalopa transitioned this morning I lost count—and there will be at least as many tomorrow—so I needed a new plan for them and an easy way to see when they were taking shells. I cleaned the left kreisel and put all the megalopa I could find into that with shells and about five inches of water. The right kreisel has all the remaining zoeae. It will mean extra cleaning in that, but only for a day or two, because as they transition to megalopa I will move them to the left kreisel—provided I can get to them before the murderous zoeae. Since they transition mostly in the morning, I expect tomorrow morning to be busy.

Oh, and I also have a plan for a second transition tank to place in the 55 gallon which keeps temp and humidity good. I siliconed the ramp and added sand for gripping texture for little crabby toes. I’m hoping it will be cured enough tomorrow. I think it will be fine given that my earlier emergency kreisel repair (that now seems SO long ago!) only had 30 minutes to cure and was fine—no zoeae died.

Still nobody on land in a shell, but several streakers keep trying. Maybe tomorrow.



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