Day Seventeen.

Everyone seems fine. Minimal losses still. More sheds today but just late bloomers to Stage Four, I think. No pictures to share tonight—I’m just barely keeping up, but we’re still on track and there’s nothing new about their development to report.

I’m starting to put a lot of energy and research into the next stage. If my survival rates stay this good, I am definitely going to need more teeny tiny shells. I do have a bunch, but I need to sort and clean and organize what I have and then figure out how/where to order more. 

I found some larval lightning whelk shells on Etsy and those have arrived, but it was only like 25, and not all will be usable. I’ve already got some that I picked out of live sand last year, I bought some tiny turbos from Alaska Hermit, and ones a friend picked out one-by-one for me from a whelk egg casing. I’ll try to take some pictures of the shells I already have and share them soon. Bear in mind, the shells that are in Michael’s and the Dollar Tree LOOK really small, but those are several sizes too large, actually. I need shells that look approximately like SAND.

I’m also getting concerned about what they will eat once they reach the glaucothoe stage and get claws instead of their little feathery hands. The things I’m using now are great for planktonic larvae, but won’t really work for clawed creatures.

I’m thinking I may move my one E that’s up over to the big tank and use the 55 as a baby hatchery if I get a ton of megalopa. I’ve been watching YouTube videos from Curlz about the megalopa stage and trying to plan. Getting nervous and I’m not even there, but hers came at day 24 for PPs, and that’s only a week away.

But I do realize these are all good problems to have. 







I figured out comments! Have at it.