Day 64, 31, 28.

🎼Will you still need me, will you still feed me, when I’m 64….days old?🎼

Apparently, yes, I will, little crabby. One of the land babies was out today, pushing shells and seeds into the pool. Apparently they hatch knowing how to be mischievous. Maybe that one should be Loki.

Lots of megalopa doing handstands at the tideline, drying their butts and I guess practicing land breathing. Several streakers, but I’m thinking tomorrow I’ll see the first ones from the second spawn event start to come to land. I also have to sneak up on them when I need to siphon them up. I have to get them from behind. If I don’t, it’s like trying to get a cat in the bathtub. They spread their legs wide and grab onto the end of the pipette like, “Uh-uh! Nope.” And they will not budge.

Lots of water changes in the right kreisel, which is SO full of zoeae still. I’m ready for them to transition!

I am incredibly behind on everything. Yeesh. I hate that feeling. And my Thanksgiving company starts arriving Monday. Whew. Somehow we’ll make it all work.



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  1. Gale C Wilson Avatar
    Gale C Wilson

    You are an amazing lady! Thank you for sharing your progress.

I figured out comments! Have at it.