Day 49

What a difference a day makes!

Yesterday I was completely worn out and ready to quit. Today I confirmed that I have two surviving on land and moved them into the hex tank (which still had survivors that I moved over to the kreisels) set up as a slightly larger mini tank. Just like adult crabs, they were thrilled with the new digs and couldn’t stop exploring and climbing. Consequently, I couldn’t stop taking videos.

I finally got confirmation of antennae on the one in the first video, so this means I have officially succeeded! I have bred land hermit crabs in captivity. And darn it feels good. I’m finally celebrating—hence the mini bottle of champagne to celebrate my mini crabs.

The kreisels were easier to clean and feed today. Still tons of sheds (at least a thousand zoeae remain in the two), but somehow easier—probably my good mood. Plus the zoeae are now large enough to avoid the siphon most of the time, so fewer to pipette up and drop back in. That’s as exhausting as any of it.

But mostly I’m just finally feeling really, really proud and happy. And grateful to all those who contributed supplies, love, and support. ❤️❤️



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