Here is an awesome short video of a crow using a tool–but not just using the tool, also shaping it to fit her use. Amazing.






5 responses to “Crows”

  1. Katie Avatar

    That is amazing!

  2. bevjackson Avatar

    Unbelievable! Just seeing my dog’s life makes me think we know zip about animals’ potential.

  3. Jilly Avatar

    I love crows.

  4. katrina Avatar


  5. Buter Avatar

    Very nice they captured it on film. O, let me tell you about the Jackdaws in Holland. My father filmed and pictured them for 15 years. One summer he asked me to observe them and I did. I lived among Jackdaws one summer! Anyway, where I live the male gives the woman a lump of Dutch red earth, before they make love. The woman uses the red earth to bathe in.