Crab Con 2020 Going Virtual!

Because of Covid-19 and New York state’s slow rollout, we have had to make the decision to go virtual for Crab Con 2020. And our Crab Con 2020 tickets page is ready! I will break down the pricing for you here (but it’s also on the tickets page.)

  1. Our BASIC TICKET to the conference is only $10. And the Basic Ticket gives you access to view every single one of our Main Stage talks when they air. (We have 22 scheduled at present–that’s less than 50-cents per talk–and we now have three full days to talk about hermit crabs–YEAH!) The downside to this ticket is that you can only see the talks at the time when they air (no playbacks) so you will have to keep track of the schedule in order to not miss a special talk that you want to see. But it’s a GREAT DEAL for those on a tight budget, especially if you are good at remembering when to watch.
  2. Our FULL ACCESS TICKET is $59. The Full Access ticket holder can attend all of the main stage conference talks and presentations, view and participate in any of the special sessions, participate in virtual round-table discussions, view expert panels on specific topics (with Q&A chat), as well as enjoy access to the Crab Con Expo (sales area) where you will enjoy special offers from our participating vendors. The Full Access ticket also allows you to view and playback any of the talks or sessions that you might have missed or that you want to study more closely.
  3. Our VIP TICKET is $99 and grants the holder full access to everything all the other levels enjoy (talks, sessions, Q&A, Expo, etc), PLUS VIP ticket holders get the Crab Con 2020 conference bag complete with conference SWAG, vendor coupons, and goodie bags from our sponsors, vendors, and supporters (filled swag bags will be shipped out prior to the start of the conference). There are a limited number of these tickets available, since we will have only so many bags and only so much swag. They are a great deal for access to a full conference, even without the bags, but when they’re gone, they’re gone.






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