Crab Con 2019

Crab Con was a great success. If you attended, thank you! It was amazing to meet all my virtual crabby friends and share the adventure with them. If you couldn’t make it, I hope to see you next year. We should be announcing a venue within the next month, perhaps locating it in a different city next summer. Stay tuned!

This is Abby, a gift from Xenocrab and Motorcrab, friends from the HCA forum. And Abby has eggs!

I was also brought six strawberry hermits–one with eggs!–from various generous adopters and supporters of the breeding program and I’m hoping to get a shot at breeding straws this summer. Fingers crossed!

Now the adopters will all begin logging their quarterly check-ins so that we can track these babies growth and behavior over time. I’ll plan to post results from the October check-in as the first one is really just a baseline and we’re all sort of figuring things out.



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I figured out comments! Have at it.