Author Exposure Review

I just came across an amazing, generous and thorough review of my short story collection by Joan Hanna over at Author Exposure. What a gift! I *heart* readers. (Check out Joan’s blog and read some of her lovely lyrical poetry there.)


“The women in these thirteen short stories will resonate with you long after you read this book. You will wonder about them as if they were your neighbors. You will even feel the urge to call them to make sure they are okay. Akers has imparted a fearless, fully-explored series of stories about how women try to break out of their emotional prisons in a way that will even touch readers who have nothing in common with these women.”







3 responses to “Author Exposure Review”

  1. RosieC Avatar

    What a fantastic review!

  2. Mary Akers Avatar

    Thanks, Rosie! I thought so, too. 🙂

  3. Nancy Pinard Avatar

    I couldn’t agree more. The woman in the house of mirrors won’t go away.