What morality is not…

It is not invading a country and killing a hundred thousand of its citizens for something that turns out not to exist.

It is not insisting on the sanctity of a blastula of cells when millions of already born children are starving and dying all over the world.

It is not charging two loving people who happen to be the same sex and want to make a life together with a crime.

It is not hiding behind the flag and never admitting you’ve made a mistake.

It is not giving tax breaks to the wealthy while you brainwash those who are struggling to make ends meet that it is in their best interests.

It is not controlling the media to spew your particular brand of patriotic religiosity and clogging the airways with hate-mongering extremist views.

It is not calling dissenters unpatriotic for simply wondering if there might not be a better way to do things.

It is not rolling back environmental standards and polluting the earth for the benefit of large corporations.

It is not seeing everything in black and white, regardless of the circumstances.

It is not calling yourself moral when you are anything but.






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  1. katrina Avatar

    Powerful and succinct, Mary.

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