My Short Story Collection

I’m thrilled to announce that Press 53 will be publishing my short story collection WOMEN UP ON BLOCKS in March of 2009. I’m so excited to be publishing with them–I love the work they’ve been putting out, and am thrilled to be added to their list. 🙂






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  1. Kevin Morgan Watson Avatar

    And we are lucky and happy to have you.

  2. Rusty Avatar

    They seem like good folks to me. And I’ve got a few of their books by now, and tours will be a welcomed addition.

  3. bevjackson Avatar

    Congratulations, Mary!! Well deserved.

    Merry Christmas and a joyous 2009
    to you,


  4. Anonymous Avatar

    Congratulations on your published work with such a reputable establishment. You must be so excited.

    Thank you for commenting on my blog. I hope you’re able to use a few tips from “Jo-Anne Vandermeulen: Thirteen Tips On Building An Author Platform”.
    If you know of anyone else who may benefit, they are welcome to visit my blog.

    I love to share my wealth of knowledge.

    Jo-Anne Vandermeulen
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  5. No Name Me Avatar


    I just looked for ordering information for your collection. Didn’t find it on Amazon yet, and tried Press 53 directly but also didn’t see a button to “buy” on the upcoming page. Did I miss something?

    And also: Where is it best to purchase the book? Would you prefer with the press or somewhere else (Amazon, local store, etc.).

    Let me know. I’ll check back here, or e-mail me.

  6. Mary Akers Avatar

    Hey, No Name Me! 🙂

    They just put up a preorder page: Very exciting!

  7. Kelly Avatar

    Yay, Mary! I’m so excited for you, and for Press 53. What an awesome combo!

  8. N.L. Belardes Avatar

    The title is what grabs me… haha…sounds cooolio.

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