Lake Effect

It’s here! The television said we are getting an inch an hour, but I just shoveled four inches, and by the time I was done, I turned around and there was another inch behind me.

We all went snow-hiking as a family today, found a cool lean-to, and had a winter cookout. Cold, but fun. My hands are still aching from having been so very cold. It was nice to do something cheery.






3 responses to “Lake Effect”

  1. katrina Avatar

    Lovely!!! I wish I were there!

  2. Katie Avatar

    OOOH, that’s so Trixie Belden of you! Fun!

  3. Clifford Garstang Avatar

    Hey, sounds beautiful! A cold front moved through my part of Mexico last night–no snow, of course, but it did send me to the shops looking to buy a sweater. Stay warm . . .

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