Day(s)51, 18, 15.

Not much to report today. Did a full clean of the kreisels, always time consuming for me and stressful for the zoeae, but the tanks had gotten filthy, so it was time. Lots of big zoeae that MUST be stage five. Zipping around, doing loop-de-loops, generally being difficult as I try to pipette them up to return to the tanks. Whenever one avoids me especially vigorously, I always think, “Well that one has a strong will to live!”

The stubborn, dark megalopa with the wonky legs still refused to select a shell despite me isolating him, rearranging shells around him, and hand feeding him defrosted brine shrimp…diva crab. He also REALLY liked it when I took one of the dead zoeae and offered it to him. He was all over that. Much more of a scavenger than a hunter, perhaps because of his leg issues. Here’s hoping he finds a shell that meets his expectations tomorrow. 🤞🏼

The two in the mini tank continue to look good. I gave them a small cork hide, but found them snuggled together under the rose petal instead. I guess I don’t have to worry about them trying to eat each other. ❤️



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