Day Seven

Day Seven, still at Stage Two.

I had the idea today that if I started far away and moved in closer with the camera, it might be able to better focus as it came closer. Plus starting two feet away is a good reminder of just how very tiny they are. I’m liking this way to video document them. It was much faster and didn’t require editing. (Apologies for the rogue finger wave over the lens at the start.)

Artemis’s larvae are now added to the kreisels, split between the two. Their bodies are still mostly clear, and they are so much smaller—pretty difficult to see during changes. Hoping they will catch up and color-up. I still have the tank of last chances, too (the little hex tank) and that seems to be doing just fine. Trying not to look too close, throwing food their way and changing 50% water once a day. Hoping they thrive on neglect.

The zoeae are definitely pooping now. It looks like a little black stinger coming out of their back end and they do it a lot. I’m feeding and changing 20% of the water four times a day and that equals about four gallons of saltwater mixed per day. Using my two gallon bucket it’s not nearly as time-intensive as by-the-gallon was last year. It’s also not as precise, but so far we’re good. I’ll try to do a salinity check tomorrow. (And perhaps a sanity check while I’m at it.)






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