Day 55, 22, 19.

Still good. Eating in the food dish—spirulina, dried brine shrimp, dragon fruit powder, and powdered cuttlebone. Still no megalopa in the kreisels, but I feel like tomorrow will be the day that I will see the first one. Just trying to keep ahead of the sheds and the poo. Mostly succeeding. Lots of cannibalism again (must be the stage) but numbers are so high still I’m not concerned.

I wish I had some way to know how often they will be molting on land. It’s happened at least once, but I’m not even sure how long molts take when they are this tiny, if they tunnel down, or what their molting behavior looks like. They are super difficult to keep track of at this size. If I catch them out and about, I feel lucky. Otherwise, I let them do their thing. They are way too tiny to handle without hurting them. I’ve been struggling to come up with some common object to give as a size reference (since pictures don’t accurately convey their size) and the best I can think of is a peppercorn. Shell and all, he is smaller than a peppercorn



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