Day 54, 21, 18.

Still plugging along, just hanging out on a rose petal. No megalopa yet in the kreisels. Still a poop-a-palooza party in there. Hopefully we’ll have the first megalopa soon. Got the transition tank cleaned and ready.

I keep turning ideas over in my mind for how to streamline this process and make it easier/faster/more efficient for myself and others. I tried pouring the water through a small fishnet (didn’t catch the sheds—they just went right through the netting), I tried pantyhose on the end of the siphon—but then the sheds don’t get removed and that’s super important to water quality, and I tried hovering the siphon in the “dead zone” where the waste tends to circulate, but I got tons of zoeae that way, and it’s such a monumental pain to pipette them out of the wastewater and back into the kreisel that I would rather spend the time (and crank my neck for fifteen minutes) to avoid getting them in the first place (as much as is possible).



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I figured out comments! Have at it.