Day 43

Behold: the shell shop.

I think this is the streaker from yesterday, finally back in a shell. I moved him to the mini tank where there’s food, saltwater and fresh water, and a miniature shell shop. The other one who came on land a few days ago ditched his shell overnight (I think he got stuck?) and died. 😢 So this is currently the only one on land in the mini tank. One more megalopa is still in the transition tank and several stage five. I moved them over from the kreisel since it had been so long. Also I believe the presence of shells in the transition tank may encourage them to molt. They are large stage five, so if they molt successfully they should be large megalopa. Really interesting to think about the various survival advantages associated with molting sooner or molting later.

In each of the two kreisels I probably have around 2,000 in various larval stages from the two surprise spawns. The later spawn may indeed have been an E. Those larvae are a lighter color, a lot faster, and seem to be more cannibalistic. I hope I get some to land so I can find out for sure. 😁🤞🏼



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