Day 35

So stinkin’ cute—am I right?

This was taken in a small Pyrex ramekin and this little larval crabby is tenaciously hanging on to the tiniest ridge of glass that runs around the inside. They are also super fast and shoot around the surface of whatever container they are in.

Today there are a total of 18 megalopa (like this guy) in the transition tank, along with some day two zoeae from Lola’s second batch. They are mostly in there as a way to monitor conditions at a glance (canary in the coal mine), and also to serve as live food for the megalopa so they (hopefully) won’t eat each other anymore.

There are also a bunch of shells in there with them. No takers so far, although I thought I saw one shell moving. I think I need to set up a time-lapse camera to record if they are in shells and moving around.

There are also thousands of day two larvae in the two kreisels. We’ll just see how it goes.



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5 responses to “Day 35”

  1. Jean L Saunders Avatar
    Jean L Saunders

    Whoa! He’s so adorable! How many days old is he?

    1. Mary Akers Avatar

      Thirty-four days old! <3

  2. Jean L Saunders Avatar
    Jean L Saunders

    Nevermind. I see, 35 days old! What a handsome little boy he is! Have you raised others?

    1. Mary Akers Avatar

      No, this is my third attempt, but this stage is farther than I’ve ever gotten before. Fingers crossed!

      1. Jean L Saunders Avatar
        Jean L Saunders

        My fingers and toes are all crossed! Best of luck, little one!

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