Day -1

I’m posting early today because the schedule for today is packed. Last night was our last relaxing evening. A few of us congregated in a nearby building with a great view from the roof and drank wine and talked about life.

Today there’s driver training to get licensed by the college–I’m hoping they’ll just renew my expired one from last year and I don’t have to watch that movie again. Then it’s off to town for various supplies. We have a Harley Davidson theme night scheduled, so we have to find appropriate decorations. You know how much writers like to pretend they are tough badasses, so we thought we’d have a night just for that. I’ll tell you all about my costume later–don’t want to spoil the surprise. But I do love to don a different persona. Last year I went as Madonna for our ’80s theme night. Which Madonna you ask? The early, Desperately Seeking Susan Madonna with big hair and leather jacket and lots of jewelry. It was a blast.

Then we have to organize all the liquor and get set up for a cocktail hour for the faculty, then break that down, head to dinner, and then we’re giving a keg party for this year’s waiters who will also be arriving today. I’ll be tired and falling into bed by the time it’s all over.

Off to stuff conference packets!






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