Bones of an Inland Sea

bones-of-an-inland-seaLeslie is a marine biologist, an only child, and a mother of three who gets caught in a deadly tsunami. Jack is a Viet Nam veteran with PTSD on a mission to save fish from dying in captivity. Dani is a trans man struggling to find his way in a gender prescriptive world. Mary Akers brilliantly weaves together these three lives alongside a host of other characters with whom they cross paths. This brand-new Book Club Edition delivers an assortment of supplemental materials designed to generate lively discussion, including a signature cocktail recipe, an author interview, and a completely new final story that offers a speculative glimpse into the future. At once evocative and captivating, Bones of an Inland Sea is a powerful work of imagination and transformation.


Advance praise for Bones of an Inland Sea:

“In Mary Akers’ stories, as complexly intertwined as the branches of a coral reef, her passionate characters engage both each other and a richly detailed, vital physical world. An impressive achievement.”      

                        ~Andrea Barrett, author of Archangel and Ship Fever, winner of the National Book Award


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