Adoption Details

Fingertip baby.

The adoption weekend will be July 13th and the form to apply to adopt hermit crab babies is up!

Adoption Application Form

Some frequently asked questions:

One hermit baby on the day he hatched.

1) Yes, there is an adoption fee. My goal has always been to see hermit crabs valued as exotic, long-lived pets. And if I–who painstakingly raised them from birth–can’t value these special little creatures in that way, then who will? It feels like it’s up to me, from Day One, to expect the world to place a value on captive-bred hermits. All adoption fees will go toward funding future breeding attempts.

A megalopa before taking a shell.

2) Yes, you can *request* a species as we get closer to the date, but I absolutely cannot guarantee I will be able to honor anyone’s special species requests. There are still too many unknowns in terms of survival and species count. Also, it is my firm conviction that ALL of these babies are special, no matter their species.

3) If adopters want to swap among themselves to make sure they get the species/crab they most want, I have no problems with that.

4) The babies will come with official, signed adoption papers, a travel bin, and some basic supplies to help get you back home safely. (Adopters should plan to bring their own digital gauge for monitoring conditions on the trip home.)

5) Additional babies will *likely* be available at the end of the adoption weekend. If so, approved adopters may get more than two, as desired. I just can’t predict how many I will have until much closer to the date, so I’m being conservative now.

Taking his first steps on land.

6) I will provide a sheet to each adopter with dates and information slots for the quarterly growth and behavior check-ins.

7) The first 50 (fifty) approved adoption applications will be guaranteed (as much as one can–barring any tragic, unforeseen losses). All applications received after #50 will be added to a waiting list and filled in the order they were approved.



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