Summer 2022 Breeding

Rimless tank for the new kreisel build.

4-26-22: I’m just now starting to assemble parts for the new-and-improved kreisel design, which will be larger and sturdier. This will be built in hopes of utilizing it for the 2022 breeding season. A larger volume of water should allow me to keep a greater number of zoeae alive with fewer water changes. So far, I’ve purchased a large acrylic cylinder and a rimless tank (to make inserting the cylinder drum easier). The jury is still out on whether I will attempt a full filtered kreisel or not. I’m leaning toward a hybrid version since the shed days have caused issues with overflow for others.

Acrylic display pedestal I plan to repurpose for the inner drum.

The cylinder (interior drum) is simply a tall display stand, created from 1/4″ thick acrylic sheeting which will be repurposed as the interior drum of the kreisel. Measuring and cutting accurately will likely be my biggest issue. Still not sure how best to accomplish that, but once it’s done, I’ll be excited to begin construction in earnest.


Day One for the new perlatus babies! I’m estimating about 400 zoeae, which sounds like a lot, but with an ultimate survival rate of maybe 2%, that would mean eight on land. Since I’ve never gotten straws to land before, even eight would be a big victory for me. We shall see…

This new kreisel build has its issues. It’s not leaking, which is a win, lol. The rest of the things are fixable, I believe, so it will just involve plenty of tinkering–as does any new piece of equipment that one builds from scratch without a blueprint. I need to put something black behind the tank to make the videos clearer, but this is what we’ve got for now.

I’ve put my shop on hold to concentrate on this attempt. It would be wonderful to have enough survive to be able to learn about them from birth. Send lots of good vibes for their health and growth.