Review of BONES at The Short Review

The Short ReviewBones of an Inland Sea

Here’s an excerpt:

“Akers does not judge her characters, and as each one gets their opportunity to speak up, offering us new perspectives on their role in this complex family tangle, or giving feedback on someone we have already met, we slowly piece together the relationships and connections, and what might be the truth about the prom and Rosie’s lack of chaperone (Treasures Few have ever Seen), or how come Dani so desperately wants to be a boy (¡Vieques!), or whether Jack is quite the loser he seems (Comfortably Numb, Collateral Damage), or what it is that makes Andrea tick (Beyond the Strandline, Madame Trousseau). We watch Quinn’s children grow in snatches, and their children, and their children’s children, as each new wave slaps up the beach to whet our interest and add another layer of understanding.”