HERMIT HOUSE 501(c)(3)

A captive-bred baby hermit crab taking its first steps on land.

(On October 12, 2022, Hermit House was officially granted non-profit status. We did it!)

Hermit House’s mission is a simple one. We are working hard to:


Keep Wild Hermit Crabs Wild.


And our approach, in upholding that mission, takes seven parts:


1. Establish a reliable captive-breeding program for land hermit crabs

2. Continually improve the methods for captive-breeding land hermit crabs

3. Mentor and support potential land hermit crab breeders

4. Educate the public on the capture and abuse of wild hermit crabs for the pet trade

5. End the sale of wild-caught hermit crabs

6. Preserve populations of wild hermit crabs and the lands they inhabit

7. Host CRAB CON, our annual, educational hermit crab conference

Captive-bred baby hermit crab perched on an alfalfa sprout

Please consider either becoming a Supporting Member of Hermit House or making a donation today to help support Hermit House in its efforts to Keep Wild Hermit Crabs Wild through ethical and sustainable hermit crab breeding and husbandry.

Thank you!