Category: Yellow Jackets

  • Yellow jackets from hell

    Yup, they’re still here. Will they never die? Admittedly, they aren’t as bad as they were. The ones that get in now are confused, twitchy, and not long for this world. But they still have enough oomph to make it to my bathroom, where they crawl around on the rug, or the covered toilet seat. […]

  • The Ex-terminator

    So, we called around, holiday weekend and all. Orkin wanted $269, starting price. Another place wanted $150. Finally we found a local place that would do it for between $95 and $140. And they would come right away. Hallelujah. By 3:15 the cats were getting hungry and giving me disgusted looks at the closed door […]

  • The nest

    I arrived home to a yellow jacket infestation. I’ve heard about the giant nests appearing this year, to the bafflement of entomologists, but never thought I’d be this close to one. At first, they were just appearing in our basement laundry room–occasional, groggy fellows that we sucked up with the vacuum or dropped in the […]