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  • Sisyphus and the Snow

    I’ve just spent an hour-and-a-half shoveling snow. Now, in general, I like to shovel snow. But today, a few things conspired to make the experience slightly less than wonderful. For starters, I miss my Old Faithful shovel. Its replacement is a mere shadow of the shovel that Old Faithful was before his demise. Also, my […]

  • Snow again!

    And I still like it. Shoveling snow is one of those things–like driving the car or showering–that allows me to focus my mind and compose words in my head. It also satisfies some Tetras-like need that I have to line things up and order the universe (preferably with an endless-loop techno-pop score playing through my […]

  • Snow!

    I was musing this morning, whilst shoveling my driveway, if the memory of snow is like the memory of pain. For some reason, over breakfast with my kids, we were talking about the fact that as humans we have a short memory for pain. We may remember, “Oh, that hurt,” but we don’t really remember […]

  • Winter again

    If you were reading my blog last winter, you know how much I usually gripe and complain about winter, snow, etc. I live near Buffalo, NY and get a lot of the stuff, for a long time. Except for this year. We had a short stint of snowy weather in December, but had a green […]

  • More snow?

    No, it isn’t predicted. And today it was in the 50’s–nice, but a little weird for Western New York in February. Nonetheless, I took a chair outside and sat in the sun to get my Vitamin D. I crave the sun, get SAD without it, have a light above my computer with a full-spectrum bulb […]

  • Piles

    Okay, snow. You can stop now. We have over a foot of snow on the ground at this writing, and it’s still falling. Collectively, we, as a family, have shoveled four times since yesterday and we’re due for another any minute. I know what those of you safely in the south are saying. “Why shovel? […]