The Arts

Where would we be without them? Where indeed! Here is Maragaret Atwood’s answer:

“The arts – as we have come to term them – are not a frill. They are at the heart of the matter. A society without the arts would have broken its mirror and cut out its heart. It would no longer be what we now recognize as human.”

I stole this from Katie Weekley’s blog (Thanks Katie!) because I couldn’t resist spreading the sentiment. It also speaks to me in terms of my fears for America under the current administration. Arts endowment has not been high on W’s agenda and one gets the idea that he would just as soon eliminate all those pesky anti-war poets and such, bent on making their unpatriotic noise and clamor. As a nation we seem to not be so interested in introspection or of holding up a mirror to our society, unless perhaps it is the ever-flattering mirror of Snow White’s evil stepmother.

Mirror, mirror on the wall…






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  1. Katie Avatar

    Isn’t it a great quote?