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  • It’s All About the Writing

    Before I began writing full time, I was a production potter. I strove to create beautiful work that was also functional. For me, beauty and function have never been separate ideals. A pitcher that is easy to lift and pours a smooth stream of liquid without dripping is beautiful for how it becomes an extension […]

  • Never Give Up

    Cliff Garstang has a great post about keeping hope alive as a writer: Don’t Give Up! Truly, mental fortitude in the writing business is as important as the writing itself, especially in the beginning. As Fred Leebron counseled us during our MFA program, “Writing is a game of attrition. Don’t attrish.” I’m very pleased to […]

  • Margaret Atwood at the r.kv.r.y. blog

    I am a huge, slavering fan of Margaret Atwood’s work. I first read The Handmaid’s Tale in 1985, and it took the top of my head off. Thereafter, I read everything of hers I could get my hands on. The Double Voice, the poem she graciously permitted us to print in this issue, became a […]

  • My Blanket Apology

    I am counting down. I have given myself a timetable and my end date is September 15th. One week to go. This is the date I have told myself I must be done. I’ve completed nine other revisions on this novel, but this last one is a biggie. New title, new ending, new character names, […]

  • Interview with Dylan Landis

    At the r.kv.r.y. blog. Here’s an excerpt: MA: I’ve read that you feel one of your themes to be “the redemptive power of art.” I love that. It makes so much sense to me, but I’m wondering if you could extrapolate on that for our readers. DL: I’ll say this inadequately, as neither a scholar […]

  • Negative Scripts

    I’ve passed a good couple of weeks as a writer. The writing life (at least for me) most often involves alternating periods of boom-bust, feast-famine, mania-depression…choose your metaphor, but the fact is we writers often go through long periods of working away quietly at the desk with nothing from the outside world, followed by intense […]

  • Who Owns Our Truths?

    An excellent essay by Susan Henderson over at The Nervous Breakdown.

  • 5 quick horror stories for authors

    First, let me say that I’ve had plenty of amazing audiences and great experiences reading. This isn’t about wallowing in the hard life of an author. I’m lucky, I know that. What I mean to do is share a few awkward reading stories in the spirit of fun. So here’s a recap of five of […]

  • Interview!

    Kelly Spitzer kicked off her Writer Profile Project with Yours Truly. And you can read the interview here. Thanks Kelly!

  • Lessons from NaNoWriMo

    For the second time (first was in 2004) I participated in National Novel Writing Month–or NaNoWriMo as those in the know refer to it. The goal is to write a novel in a month–50,000 words minimum. A lot of novices particpate in NaNoWriMo and many writers with higher literary aspirations look down their noses at […]