There’s still time!

There’s still time for you to order WOMEN UP ON BLOCKS from Press 53. These are signed, first-edition copies that will be mailed out by mid-February. (If you want them signed to a specific person, just email my publisher and he’ll make sure we “get ‘er done” to your specifications.) And thank you!






5 responses to “There’s still time!”

  1. Maria Avatar

    I am so super-excited to get my copy, Mary! And SO excited to see you at AWP!!

  2. Mary Akers Avatar

    Me, too, Maria!! See you soon!

  3. Daniel Avatar

    I feel so privileged to get my copy so soon! And with such a wonderful signature too 😉

  4. Mary Akers Avatar

    Heh. Yes, I had some sort of divine inspiration and suddenly I knew just what to write…as if a voice were telling me exactly how to phrase it…

  5. Daniel Avatar

    God does work in mysterious ways…

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