Short Story Collection

I am so excited. I finally–FINALLY–feel like I’ve gotten my short story collection assembled and completed into a cohesive manuscript. I’ve written one last story to anchor the collection (six before it, six after), taken out ones that I was sort of including and looking the other way over, and I really feel good about it now. I am so excited. I’ll be printing out and sending off this week. Yay!

Then it’s off to work on the non-fiction book I am co-authoring. I’ve gotten some great edits back from the agent who is representing that (in a one-book deal) and I can’t wait to start hammering those out. I’ve had a few days to think through the changes she suggested, and once I sit down I think they’ll go quickly.

Just so I don’t sound too Pollyanna-ish, my writing rarely goes this smoothly. I intend to make the most of it, though, and wring every bit of productivity out of this writing high that I can. I’m aware that the lows eventually make an appearance, but for now I’m focusing on how good this feels.






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  1. katrina Avatar

    Wonderful, Mary! I bet your collection is amazing!

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