In the Crabitat

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I’ve had a hermit crab obsession for a while now. And it actually started back in the 1990s when I lived in Florida and bought my first three. I did keep them in a big aquarium, but only provided gravel, a shallow freshwater dish, and pellets of “hermit crab food” from the pet store. I think they lived about two years. And it haunts me.

I have learned so much more about their care and feeding since that time and I like to think I’m making up for my earlier ignorance. These days, my tank is a 120-gallon (tall) with saltwater and freshwater pools, lots of climbing structures, and ten inches of sand—lots of space for them to dig tunnels and create safe molting caves. AND, I’m doing my best to learn how to breed them in captivity so that our pet hermits that we love don’t have to be captured and taken from the wild. Links to detailed record of my captive breeding attempts (by year) are below, followed by a running log from the current year.

Summer 2017 Breeding Attempt

Summer 2018 Breeding Success

Summer 2019 Breeding Success



Day 100, 12-22,18.

I have officially succeeded! I have bred land hermit crabs in captivity. Two survivors from the first set of spawns have been moved to land and are doing well. And 244 (!!) from the second set of spawns (a mix of both Caribbean and Ecuadorian hermit crabs) have also been moved to land. 150 have been confirmed alive and well as of yesterday. There are plenty more still moving around in the other tank, I just haven’t had a chance to get a final, confirmed count of them. I suspect we will be at 200+ survivors when all is said and done. These videos are of the two survivors from the first spawn.


I have to say, I’m feeling really, really proud and happy. And grateful to all those who contributed supplies, love, and support. ❤️❤️