My college roommate had a serious David Bowie obsession. Today I’ve been thinking of his song “Changes.” Turn and face the strange, ch-ch-changes.

Facing change is essential if we are to grow and strengthen in our art. That song, Changes, marked a pivotal time in Bowie’s career, and became the first song of his to make the charts. He was discovering and embracing the things that made his art unique and it brought him critical and popular acclaim.

I’m currently experiencing a small writing crisis…no biggie, and nothing that needs sympathy even, since I’ve learned by now to be patient; that these periods of doubt and struggle always precede a great growth spurt in my writing and an evolution of my “voice.” I’m looking forward to that. A pivotal time. Time to embrace the changes.






3 responses to “Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes”

  1. Clifford Garstang Avatar

    One of the pieces of advice from Grace today: persevere. Breakthroughs and luck are needed in both the writing and the publishing. All you have to do is keep at it.

    p.s. posting links is a little tricky at first. In the templates section of your editing screen, you will find the all the code for your blog screen. All you have to do is paste what Carol sent you into the section very near the bottom of the template code (just above the “powered by eblogger” code) and insert inside the quotes the url for whatever you are linking to, just exactly as if you were doing a hot link on zoetrope. Then you can add more links by just copying that and changing the url. The “li” in the angle brackets at the start and end of a line are–as you may already know–codes for line feeds and breaks. Hope this helps!

  2. Mary Akers Avatar

    Helps a LOT, Cliff. Thanks. I’m going back to the template now, armed and dangerous.

    And thanks for passing along Grace’s advice. I believe her. I just get impatient, you know?

  3. Carol Peters Avatar

    thank you, mary, for the blog link. and congratulations! i hereby award you nerd status!

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