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  • C. perlatus babies!!

    9-6-22 Day One for the new perlatus babies! I’m estimating about 400 zoeae, which sounds like a lot, but with an ultimate survival rate of maybe 2%, that would mean eight on land. Since I’ve never gotten straws to land before, even eight would be a big victory for me. We shall see… This new […]

  • Crab Con 2022

    We are virtual again in 2022! There were simply too many unknowns still present when we made the call in December of 2021. But we have already secured an EXCELLENT venue for 2023 in Blacksburg, Virginia.We’ve got an amazing lineup of main stage talks and live sessions this year, as well as fantastic SWAG for […]

  • 2020 Mating Season

    Today, just a few days after the August full moon, I’m seeing the first signs of guarding/mating behavior in my large tank housing all of my adult clypeatus. This time it is Kermit (as usual) and Gilda (a female crab who came to me as a male, and was formerly known as Guido). They mated […]

  • Breeding Program Spring 2020 Update

    Crab Con (IN-PERSON) isn’t looking good this year, like so many other planned gatherings. I will make a formal, definite decision soon, but please know that if we can’t meet in person, we will definitely have a virtual conference–and the plus side of that is that then anyone can attend. 🙂 My Caribbean crabs (clypeatus) […]

  • Breeding Program Winter 2020 Update

    February 14, 2020 The babies from the 2018 spawn are now 18 months old and some are really starting to look like small adult crabs. It’s hard to believe I used to pick them up in an eyedropper. Others, from the same brood, are still quite small. The 2019 adopters and I are working together […]

  • 2019 Breeding Update 8-8-19

    I’m pretty certain the Es mated this week (on August 6th). I have a hunch which of the two males mated with Saskia. I believe, based on follow-up protective behavior, that it was Frederico. This would put spawning for the Es sometime on or around September 4th. I have yet to see any mating behavior […]

  • Crab Con 2019

    Crab Con was a great success. If you attended, thank you! It was amazing to meet all my virtual crabby friends and share the adventure with them. If you couldn’t make it, I hope to see you next year. We should be announcing a venue within the next month, perhaps locating it in a different […]

  • Getting Ready for Crab Con!

    We’re busily assembling the swag and getting items for Crab Con Marketplace ready for sale. These are the official Crab Con canvas bags with our new logo embroidered on them. They are sturdy, a sustainable, unbleached cotton fabric, and roomy enough to hold plenty of purchases. If you aren’t coming to Crab Con but want […]

  • Crab Con!

    Are you interested in attending the First Annual Crab Con International adoption event on July 13th, 2019? If so, our block of rooms in the (Best Western Lockport) conference hotel is filling up quickly. Reserve your spot now! We’ve got a variety of Saturday talks scheduled. Topics include: Creating and Maintaining a Bioactive Setup, Land […]

  • Adoption Details

    The adoption weekend will be July 13th and the form to apply to adopt hermit crab babies is up! Adoption Application Form Some frequently asked questions: 1) Yes, there is an adoption fee. My goal has always been to see hermit crabs valued as exotic, long-lived pets. And if I–who painstakingly raised them from birth–can’t […]