Blast from the Past, courtesy of the world wide web

I was just following a link to a post about writing and clicked on a blog with this picture:

And I knew it, instantly and instinctively. It’s a closeup shot of the inside of the Bookbindery in Colonial Williamsburg. I am absolutely certain of it in the most visceral of ways. (I worked there as an historical interpreter for four years, so I wielded some of those tools, sat at that worktable, drank from that mug, stared out that window. I also worked as a potter at Historic Jamestown which made the salt-glazed stoneware in the photo, so if I didn’t drink out of that mug, I might have made it.) It was a little freaky and startling to come upon that mini-tableau, out of the blue, after so many years of not thinking about that time in my life.

Do you have a story about stumbling across something on the web that gave you pause or resurfaced a memory?






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