Almost heaven, Floyd, Virginia

I leave tomorrow, to head to my favorite spot on the planet. I’ll be at Floyd Fest on Friday, reading at the Floyd Library on Saturday (please come by at 2PM if you’re in the area!), catching up with old friends, and soaking up enough Floyd vibes to last until my next visit, which can’t come soon enough.

In the meantime, I’ve been meaning to mention that you can friend me on Facebook and follow me on Twitter–neither of which I will be doing much with over the next few weeks (after Floyd, I’ll be on my glorious annual backpacking trip with my hubby), but you can follow just the same. 🙂

Oh, and will be doing a live interview on Blog Talk Radio’s Garden of the Soul at 1PM today (6PM UK time) with my co-author about our book The Greatest Gift. Tune in if you get the chance!