A Few Coral Reef News Bits

Sharks found to be vital for reef health.

Yet another huge, hideous cruise ship damages Cozumel reef, narrowly misses divers. (Cruise ships are seriously BAD for reef and ocean environments, in so many ways. Please don’t cruise.)

New reefs discovered off Australia’s Mornington Island.

US Defense Dept vs. the Okinawan dugong. Go dugong!

Learn about destructive fish traps in the Caribbean and sign a petition to end their use.

Akumal Hotel (Mexico) needs to know that tourists would support turning out the lights and avoiding bonfires during the turtle nesting season. Send an email or letter.






2 responses to “A Few Coral Reef News Bits”

  1. Katie Avatar

    Thanks so much for posting this, Mary. I had never thought about cruise ships this way but it’s so obvious now! I wasn’t about to rush out to take a cruise, but now I will discourage others from doing it.

    Thanks Mary!

  2. Myfanwy Collins Avatar

    This is great information. Thanks so much for it, Mary!

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